Partnering with Calling Inn Services is as Simple as 1-2-3!

Learn how many of today’s leading B&B’s, Inns, Resorts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals are gaining a competitive edge and providing higher levels of service while working less.
It takes a lot of hard continuous work to build and maintain your reputation for service, hospitality and attention to detail. Fortunately there’s one area where you can delegate and feel 100% confident that the level and quality of service provided is equal to what you currently provide.
When it comes to handling incoming inquiries, nobody does it better than Calling Inn, the hospitality industry’s only dedicated call answering service for Bed & Breakfast, Resorts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals.
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Find out why so many Resorts, Hotels, Vacation Rentals, and Bed & Breakfast owners are hiring Calling Inn to handle their call answering and reservations.

Why You Want Calling Inn Quality Answering Services on Your Side

Calling Inn provides a “seamless” call answering experience for your guests and prospects. With Calling Inn, you’ll never have to race for the phone, miss another call, play telephone tag or have to worry about poor reception when using your cell phone.
The result… happy guests, confirmed bookings and peace of mind knowing that your calls are being handled whenever needed—24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
Call 1-877-680-5500
We begin by creating a custom profile of everything that makes your Inn unique. This allows us to answer your incoming calls just as you would. We start by gathering information from your website followed by a scheduled phone call to discuss any additional information that may be needed. The profile we build is exceptionally detailed. Upon completion of the profile, we’ll review it with you at an agreed upon time to ensure our accuracy. Photographs of your property help our agents describe rooms and features to callers with confidence.
The following images are screen captures showing just a small portion of the information our agents have immediate access to when an incoming call comes in.
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Next our agents will take the time necessary to become familiar with your profile. This permits our staff to answer most questions that prospects may ask. The result—satisfied prospects and increased reservations.
Your inn’s profile is complete and our staff is familiar with its contents.
Since your days are somewhat unpredictable—with guests arriving, departing and running errands, we recommend that your phone be set up to Rollover mode.
Rollover mode provides the utmost flexibility and guarantees your calls will never go to voice mail again.

Get Phone Freedom 24/7

Over 95% of clients who finally experience Phone Freedom 24/7 keep the service as it is one of the lowest cost methods to dramatically improve the quality of service they can offer guests.
It’s rare that a guest will even know they are speaking to someone outside your establishment, that’s how detailed the replies are to the inquiries coming in. If there is something that arises that we can’t answer we either take a message or call you on your cell (again, it’s your choice) get the answer and pass it on to the caller.
To begin, all you have to do is call 1-877-680-5500. Rates are extremely affordable, and less costly than hiring even a part time staff person.
Plus you can call forward your calls on a minute’s notice, no need to call us first to “reserve” or “inform” our agents about your plans. It’s all done automatically, you decide when you need the service, you start it and stop it as you desire.
For example—you’re in conversation with a guest about booking their family reunion and the phone rings. Not to worry, with Rollover mode, your phone company automatically forwards the call by the third ring and one of our agents will pick up the call. If you are not busy and answer the call by the third ring, the call does not come to us. Anytime you’re busy or away from the phone, we automatically pick up after a predetermined number of rings. Your caller is now speaking with one of our agents live—who will thank them for calling, answer the caller’s questions and book a reservation if that is the request. No more voice mail, telephone tag, or missed reservations. Once rollover is set up it’s automatic. You can go about your day, confident that your phone calls will always be answered quickly.
This is by far the most popular choice with over 95% of our clients utilizing Rollover mode to provide their guests and prospects with the highest level of personal service.
There is also a second choice. When you are confident you or your staff will not be available to answer the phone during certain hours you can choose to go with Call Forwarding. With Call Forwarding you actively decide when to forward and not forward your incoming calls to Calling Inn. It’s as simple as entering the call forwarding code for your phone system and then our toll free number.
To call forward your phones requires only 10 to 15 seconds of your time. That’s it. You’ve now achieved phone freedom! For perhaps the first time in years, you can be assured that your guests and prospects are getting accurate information, bookings are being made and you can finally focus on other tasks in your busy schedule. To start answering your phone calls—simply remove call forwarding—it’s that easy.
We are not just a call answering service. You can rely on us to provide friendly, helpful and dedicated agents that deliver a pleasant experience—we’ll let incoming callers know that we’re happy they called and will also invite them to make a reservation.
We will use your existing reservation system to book the reservation, and then follow up with an email to you as a reminder. If you don’t have an on-line reservation system, we will take a reservation request, and let them know you will call back to confirm.
When someone calls to leave a message, or the call is not urgent, we will take the message, and send an e-mail letting you know there’s a message. If the call is urgent, we will call you on your cell phone or other contact numbers you’ve designated in your profile.